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Psychsploitation Today (album)

by The Prefab Messiahs

You've really got a lot of nerve To think you know what I deserve I see you working over time To rearrange my plastic mind... Psychsploitation - You're gonna make a mess of me - Is gonna be the end of me - You're gonna be the death of me You knew you had me at goodbye The only question left is Why You think it's all some kind of game You're gonna drive us both insane...
High in his tower He is lying by the hour He’s got PLANS… Enemies cower As he rains a golden shower On his FANS… And everybody sees Exactly what they want to see He’s the man who killed reality The man who killed reality He loves his people See them follow him like sheeple He’s the MAN... He's got the power Watch him trample every flower Cause he CAN... And everybody hears Exactly what they want to hear He’s the man who killed reality The man who killed reality Don't trust him ever With his fingers on the lever We're all DAMNED... He’s got the golden touch Not gonna leave you much It’s a SCAM.... And everybody knows Everything they want to know He’s the man who killed reality The man who killed reality
I can’t take the glare of reality So much wasted potentiality And I don’t want to go outside And I don’t want to be outside And I don’t want to look outside again Sometimes Sunnydaze Always make me sad Everybody having what seems like fun Hates to waste a day awash in sun But I don’t care what goes on outside And I don’t care what’s not inside And I don’t care what you do outside again Sometimes Sunnydaze Always make me sad
Never really had a clue Try like you're supposed to do Things they do look awful c-cold Can't sell out if you can't get sold Everything you know is wrong again Never really got the news Not a lotta choice to choose Bought it all right off the shelf Now you're stuck as someone else EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG AGAIN
Gellow Mold 04:10
Slipping down the rabbit hole The rodents were all smiling Sitting in Panera Bread A generation dying Soldiers paid no heed I could hear their hollow laughter Pouring themselves into shapes They'd harden into after... Gellow Mold Mellow Gold Tripping through the looking glass She auto-paid her contract Jokers in their jukeboxes Were trying to make contact Children saw no Need Cause there was nobody buying Measured out in pairs and threes In jiggly cubes a-drying Gellow Mold Mellow Gold
Well I just lost the only mind I had And I am feeling pretty bad So I'm having a rave up She's the only girl who's right for me She causes so much misery So I'm having a rave up Well I'm a victim of society Because it won't let me be free So I'm having a rave up
Hey! You've got a lot to learn About the human race Bunch of stupid little monkeys Stinking up the place It's outta yer hands Seems to me the things you do Don't make a lot of sense Picking crumbs out of the carpet Ain't gonna pay the rent It's neither here nor there Your molecules don't care The weather isn't fair It's outta yer hands!
Monster Riff 03:08
Hanging out in my lonely room I got my stereo cranked Thought that I was flyin high But I was just wicked tanked Lose control To rock and roll That corpse is getting pretty stiff Gonna play some air guitar And dream about a monster riff Monster Riff! Rifle through my roomie's room I couldn't get much higher Flame those oven burners up Feel the hot blue fire Looking from the outside in I guess it seems insane I just want a monster riff Pounding in my brain Monster Riff! Wanna shake some action Get some satisfaction Gimme something, that I really need Your virgin vinyl Makes it final Listen honey Set the monster free Monster Riff!
On your last day on earth Who will you be A man on a string Or a puppet master? On you last day on earth How will it feel like a well-earned rest Or a disaster? On your last day on earth... On your last day on earth where will you be In a cold dark cell Or a show on TV? On your last day on earth How will it seem Like a journey done Or an endless scream? On your last day on earth on your last day on earth for what it's worth It's you last day on earth


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RIYL: Oh Sees, The Kinks, White Fence, Electric Prunes, Night Beats, Soft Boys, Dukes of Stratosphear

"Micro-legendary weirdoz" The Prefab Messiahs are back with a new installment of wiggy Garage-Pop-Psych scheming. Their fourth full-length release 'Psychsploitation Today' comes to you via CD from Lolipop Records.

These 10 self-produced songs represent a unique kaleidoscopic voyage through today's cultural zeitgeist -- taking on everything from 21st century media "Psychsploitation" to explosive ruminations about the "Last Day On Earth."

The Prefabs' front Xerox Feinberg, a self-described "Lost Generation Wanna-be Spokesperson," calls the album “a mental and sonic continuation of the things we were obsessed about from the beginning -- mashing up the sounds and attitudes of '60s garage-psychedelia with post-punk '80s stuff and dragging all that into whatever 'today' is -- while generally trying to poke people in the ribs and skewer some of the Big Shams behind all the Shiny Facades. We're still trying to toss everything into the mix including the kitchen sink. We're still bemused and shocked and disgusted with The State of Things -- and also in love with the noises in our heads. The Prefab Messiahs' work is never done."


released January 26, 2018

The Prefab Messiahs:
Xerox Feinberg, Doc Michaud, Trip Thompson, Mattyboy Horn

Mastered by Wyatt Blair


all rights reserved



The Prefab Messiahs

Micro-legendary DIY Garage-Pop-Psych provocateurs! Evolutionary genre grinders practicing art-damaged power pop, rock, crunch, jangle and general mynd-massage.

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