Peace Love & Alienation

by The Prefab Messiahs



A self-described "1982 Wormtown vault extraction", released as a 12" vinyl 45rpm EP by Fixed Identity, and distributed in the US by Revolver USA. Available in UK/Europe from Volcanic Tongue.

30 years after The Prefabs' humble-yet-brash beginnings (first gig: 11/15/1981!), Fixed Identity is stoked to present a 12" 45-RPM vinyl release featuring 8 newly Jay Rajeck-remastered songs from the shoebox tape archives (Jay has also done mastering for Ariel Pink, Martin Newell, etc).

As well as having two Bobb Trimble-produced tracks, 'Peace Love & Alienation' contains live cuts, a reverb-soaked Casiotone doom-pop nugget ("Sacred Cow"), a living room ethno-forgery excerpt ("Rice 4 a Sheik"), and a screwy dub-punk experiment ("Prefab City Dub").

The impressive 12" vinyl package features a foldout zine insert with archival show flyers, art, writings, etc.

Cobbwebbed-basement mystery surrounds this early-80s Worcester MA combo that dared (if they were even aware of it) to infuse proto-lo-fi post-punk clatter with drizzles of off-kilter psych and lashings of left-field garage-pop melodicism -- all informed by an attitude combining cryptic social digs, bone-dry wit and Dadaist pranksterism. Anthology Recordings (a one-time digital retailer of rare/collectible music) declared that The Prefab Messiahs "manage to perfectly execute the difficult joining of punk, psych, and garage." Some have waxed less analytically, too: in psych-legend Bobb Trimble's song 'Armour of the Shroud', he wrote 'Well the Rolling Stones come to town / don't throw the Prefab Messiahs out of bounds / God save those dreamers / they're all that's left sometimes." As it turns out, Mr. Trimble produced two songs here: "The 16th Track" and "Desperately Happy", adding backwards bass and real blows against Satan to the former.


released December 6, 2011

Xerox Feinberg - gtr, voc, VL-1
Doc Michaud - gtr, voc, VL-1
Trip Thompson - bass, voc
Billy Brahm - drums on 2 (middle), 7
Tony Serrato - drums on 2 (start/end), 5, 6, 8
Egg Al - spoken intro on 1, voc/perc on 4, gen'l mania
Jeff Lipton - 1998 transfer & restoration
Joe Turner - 2010 additional engineering
Jay Rajeck - 2011 mastering
Kris Thompson - project & mastering supervision
Bobb Trimble - producer on 5 & 8, tone generator + backwards bass + scripture on 8, guru, pied piper
Taylor Richardson - graphics coordination
Fixed Identity - LP format release



all rights reserved


The Prefab Messiahs Boston, Massachusetts

Micro-legendary DIY Garage-Pop-Psych provocateurs! Evolving genre grinders practicing art-damaged power pop without a license. Bobb Trimble cohorts who ushered in both The Winter of Love and the Age of Peace Love & Alienation

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Track Name: Beyond All That
You tie your laces left over right
Read Herman Hesse by a 60-watt light
Part your hair on the improper side
You think you're cool but you're just trying to hide

The fads will come and they will go
You'll get sucked in and dragged below
There's one thing you'll never understand
That there's a reason behind the man

You think you know what's in my mind
But you're not even close
You're looking for Where It's At
But we're Beyond All That

Order pizza for your frisbee game
Got lots of thoughts, but they're all the same
You're up on the latest Truths
But the problem is inside of you

You think you know what's in my mind
But you're not even close
You're looking for Where It's At
But we're Beyond All That